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Whiskey, Cocktails, Secrets

A step back to a time where we connected not through screens and filters, but over a few glasses of our favourite liquors. The Press began as a quieter, more relaxed alternative for people looking for a night out in Tamworth. A speakeasy boasting a relaxing atmosphere, awe inspiring décor, dazzling entertainment and some of the finest and most unique whiskey’s and cocktails in Tamworth.

Located inside the basement of Tamworth’s Leader Building, an important part of Tamworth's heritage since 1924. The basement that once spread the news now 'speaks easy'. Now providing a retreat and a meeting place for those looking to drink, relax and connect with those important to them.

The Press to this day remains completely locally owned and operated. Supporting the local community is of the highest importance to The Press, something that stems from the buildings origins as the home of local news. The Press is now home to many locally owned whiskey’s and other spirits alongside local events, artists, performers and communities.

So what are you waiting for? Drink, Mix and Relax with the finest cocktails and whiskey in Tamworth’s coolest secret basement bar.
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